August 22, 2021 Ritual Cast | Ep 33 Part 2 “Burrow Ablaze” | Dungeons & Dragons 5E

And here it is, Part 2!

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Our tale begins in Babbling burrow, On the Western coast of Helasia, at the inlet where the River Bryl meets the Ocean, lies a small town that straddles the boundaries of the Sudgarian Empire and The Baranton Plains, simply known as the Babbling Burrow. It gets its name because it is built at the shore where a river meets the sea which means the constant sound of the waves is mixed with that of rushing water (which most folk refer to as the town's "babble"). It is a small port town that hosts merchant ships that come from Mayrine and other continents but being a small town at the edge of two feuding empires, it has become a hive for smugglers that want to bring contraband into the continent. If something needs hiding, sweeping under the rug or otherwise concealing from the prying eyes of the law in the rest of Helasia, Babbling Burrow has you covered (For a price of course). With the slightly shady nature of this lovely town comes it wonderful patronage. Even in broad daylight, the people tend to walk around with a dagger in their boot as finding oneself dead in a ditch is a common occurrence in the Burrow.

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