August 8, 2019 Z-LAND S3 Chapter 6 “Misty Frequencies” Part 1

Heading home our survivors find that the world around them has kept on moving in their absence.

Jake will be join us in part two of the chapter but unfortunately Nick is absent for this one.

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This is Z-LAND where humanity is no longer the top of the food chain, where every day could be your last. Hunger, Thirst, Sleep and Exposure all wear down on you in a battle of attrition with the unstoppable Dead. Find the answer to the question "just how long would I survive" as you and your friends attempt to do just that. What makes Z-LAND unique is we take the survival aspect of survival-horror very seriously. You will see your character weaken as sleep deprivation, hunger & thirst slowly whittle them down.

But that is where the choice comes in, will you just take it? Or will you do anything & everything necessary to survive? How much of yourself can you retain in your battle to survive?

In the early days of the outbreak with panic settling in, you will decide your fate. Hunker down and horde as many supplies as you can or try and flee the cities with thousands of others? Your decisions in the early days will greatly effect the path of survival you take. Will you group up with other survivors and put your trust in them? Or will try and make it on your own, unable to trust the fast changing face of human-kind. All that is good and well but with the constant threat of the “living dead” you might not have the luxury of choice. They are quick and relentless, they do not suffer the penalties of hunger & thirst and have little need for sleep. They are the living nightmare that will never stop hunting your kind.

You will lose people along the way, friends, family and it won’t be easy but survival never is. This is your story and you will decide it’s end...

Original music tracks composed and produced by CO.AG.

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